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  • I want to create a new account and board with Tiptree
    Please click on the link to our online booking system and enter the requested information. Once this account has been created you may submit a booking request.
  • If I'm not able to become a Tiptree client - who do you recommend?
    As individual requirements and expectations vary, we suggest you search "Boarding Kennels Adelaide Hills" and/or check with your vet for suggestions.
  • Do you have a bushfire plan?
    At Tiptree, the safety of your dog is of paramount importance to me and all of the team. CLICK HERE to view our Bushfire Policy
  • Are the premises attended after hours?
    Yes, management occupies the residential home on the property.
  • Can we come and have a look around your kennels?
    Tiptree no longer conducts tours, however, has instead a professional video of the property and facilities which can be viewed here Our reasoning for this is to promote a familiar and calm environment to help keep stresses to a minimum. Additional cars and different voices (to our staff) raise levels of concerns/expectations/confusion...none of which we want. Strange and unfamiliar people coming through the facilities can put unnecessary stress to our guests on site. The health and safety of our boarding guests is paramount and will always be our priority. We also update our testimonials periodically on our website which can be viewed on our home page.
  • How and when do I pay for my dog’s boarding costs?
    Full payment of booking is required by the date notified our booking confirmation email (or SMS if email N/A). Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal via our website. Please use your booking number as reference. To make a payment via Paypal click here
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Long term stays of 28 days or more, may at our discretion, have negotiated package extras as offered by Julie.
  • What vaccination does my dog need to have?
    Kennel Cough (C5) is mandatory and must be current and administered at least 10 days prior to check in. Preventative Heartworm treatment is highly recommended as an ongoing part of your dog’s health regime along with regular flea and worming treatments to avoid any cross contamination.
  • What if my dog is not desexed?
    Desexed dogs only are accepted by Tiptree Kennels for boarding, males under 12mths & females under 8mths excepted. Large breed males may be accepted undesexed subject to Julie’s consent. We do not board females in/or due in season. If this occurs during the stay, you will be immediately contacted to arrange collection within 24 hours of notification. Even though other guests are desexed, the “scent” given off by a female in season quite often unsettles the males. We make every effort to maintain a happy, calm environment which promotes good health versus stress/anxiety.
  • What if my dog is on medication?
    Administering required oral and topical medications is part of caring for your dog and we are happy to do this. We do not, however, manage any injectables. We request if there are several oral tablets, please provide these in a webster pack with any part tablets precut. Please ensure medications are well labelled with dogs name, dosage and regularity of same. We suggest to add a few extra doses in case your return is delayed.
  • What is the best time for check in?
    If your dog has not stayed at Tiptree before, we suggest you book a morning check in which allows daylight hours to familiarise themselves with their new environment. This in turn usually has guests more settled for a good night's sleep.
  • What if your standard opening hours don't suit or I miss these times to check in/out?
    As per our Terms and Conditions, if you miss/forget or arrive later than our closing time (refer to our standard hours here), the next opportunity to check in/out will be the next standard opening time. No refund for past day(s) and any additional day(s) will be charged at booked package rate. Please note: Strictly no check in/out outside of our standard opening hours is available.
  • Can my dog play with other dogs?
    Yes, if your dog is known to another and that owner is in agreement. Please note: these arrangements are at the owners' risk.
  • Can my dog board with a friend?
    Both owners need to advise Tiptree of this requirement at the time of booking. Then the dogs can sleep together overnight and exercise together during the day. Tiptree will charge one owner the rate for payment - no separate invoices. Rate will be at 2 dogs sharing. Please note: these arrangements are at the owners' own risk. If the dogs need to be separated for whatever reason - charges will be applied to each at single dog rate.
  • What grooming services are available?
    Tiptree is a boarding facility, not a dog grooming salon, so the service offered is a bath & dry only. Our bath and dry is a good wash in a hydro-bath and a towel dry. The coat is brushed quickly before and after washing. We encourage you to provide regular brushing and dog salon appointments to maintain healthy coat and skin.
  • I've forgotten my log in details
    If you have created an account in our online booking system, it will be registered to one email address. If you have multiple email addresses and can't remember which is linked to your account, please contact us via or call 08 8388 8383 and we will assist. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the link to reset on the log in page.
  • Can I bring my own food?
    We are happy to accommodate customers that wish to supply their own food for no additional charge. Please note: Your pets energy levels may increase during their stay and in order to keep your pet in the best health increases in food intake may be required, so please ensure you bring an adequate supply for your pets stay. If you do elect to bring your own food, please ensure it is well named and labelled. For any wet food please ensure it is divided into the meal-sized portions.
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